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UK PSD is very pleased to announce the formation of Invictus-ISS based in Free Town, Sierra Leone


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                                    Nigel Goodall 

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Welcome to UK, UK is a community of British security professionals working around the globe. is a Virtual Worldwide Water Cooler for Professional Operators Working in the Security Sector, Close Protection, High Risk Security Operator, Strike Security, Tactical Medic, PSD, Disaster Officer, Law Enforcement, High Risk Civilian Contractor, Military, Hostage Recovery and Private Military Professionals.

The people behind the scenes at are just like you active and former High Risk Civilian Contractors and High Risk Security Operators, Military elite forces, and Law Enforcement Officers who maintain the site and keep you informed from inside Iraq the heart of BaghdadÙs Green and Red Zones and dozens of other countries.Our community is filled with those serving all over the world and the site is open 24/7 so that whenever you need a break from danger, you can find the respite that you crave - which may be camaraderie in an UKpsd chat room or to find information or a review on the gear that can best help you do your job. is ever expanding on an International level to provide International resources, support and information to High Risk and Executive Protection Operators around the globe. Some of the benefits our members get are special industry discounts on financial, insurance, training, conventions and travel through our preferred vendors and partner sites.

In todays fluid security industry knowledge is everything, does not matter what aspect of security you are in information gives you the power and ability to maintain abreast of the latest and revised tactics. You can find the latest news and security information at first hand from our members, actual operators doing the job and sharing the information with you free. If you are a seasoned veteran or looking at a new career as a Security Operator you will find what you are looking for here or at our partner sites. Also, our partners personal injury attorney orlando offer legal help. 2007 All Rights Reserved